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LG launches the LG G3, its first flagship of the year

Well, we heard about this for months, and as I said yesterday, there is not much that we don’t know about this phone. Leaked rendering and spec sheet from the various LG official website, almost everything about the phone is leaked out.

Today, is pretty much a confirmation. LG G3 is the first QHD (2K display) for LG. The screen is 5.5 inches diagonally and has a pixel density of 538 ppi. Underneath the screen, process everything is the Snapdragon 801, with 2 variants of either a 2GB version or the 3GB version. Around back, we have a 13 megapixels camera that is optically stabilized, and yes, the black rectangle is the laser focus assistant. The laser will helps measure the distance between the subject and camera, help faster and better auto focus. For those selfies lovers, the front-facing camera is 2.1 megapixels, with the new gesture recognition, by “clench your hand into a fist,” the G3 will automatically recognize that you’re taking a selfies and start the 3 second countdown. Powers all of these components is a replaceable 3000mAH battery that supports Qi charging. LG claims that with the new battery, by replacing the metal cathode with graphite, the battery can run the QHD display “without losing steam in the middle of the day). Storage wise, we have options of either 32 or 16GB, expandable up to 128 GB (Yes, I know, no 2TB)

On the software side, the G3 comes with the flattened UI of its predecessor, as we have seen in various leaks that has been popping up for months. But there are a few enhancements, like the new Smartkeyboard. This new keyboard will monitor your typing behavior and then allows hand customization based on the behavior that it learned from the user.

Also, to join the virtual assistant race, LG introduced Smart Notice. It learns the pattern of how the user uses their phone on a daily basis, and used it as a natural-surrounding language to deliver its recommendation, reminder. This technology is the differentiating factors set Smart Notice from other assistants (which is true because even know Cortana and Smart Notice essentially is the same idea, but different method). It also monitors the phone, and ask to clean up unused files and apps. Unfortunately, there is no comment as to the humanity of the voice, so it seems like we are stuck with the old boring airport lady.

Security wise, the LG G3 featured the Knock code and similar features of the G2 Pro. The new deal here is the Kill Switch, the ability to disable the phone in case of theft. The switch will also delete all content of the phone so that the user’s information will not be compromised. This kill switch also features anti-virus scanning and “other essential features.”

Go with this phone is a bevy of accessories. Includes the Quick Circle case, as we have already known. But the surprise thing is that LG has partnered up with Harman/Kardon to “delivers premium audio quality with a stylish design.” There is also a Wireless charger, but there is no confirmation as is it in the box with the phone.

T-mobile has already confirmed their availability in “later this summer” for the 3GB variants, at&t expresses their interest, but no confirmation when it will be available, Sprint and Verizon hinted for summer.

The phone will be officially out for sales tomorrow (5-28-14) worldwide.

Source: LGT-MobileSprint; at&t; Verizon



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