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Sales rise in Europe, but struggles in the US

It has been awhile since Windows Phone 8 came out, and until now, there is no market that the Windows Phone passed 10% market share, until now.

The latest number released by the Kantar World Panel (a website that observes and records sales channels of various Smartphones and OS across the globe) shows that the three months to April 2014. Windows Phone has been gaining market share in Europe. Especially in France, where the Windows Phone has significant growth, with 10.1% in market share. Europe in a whole, Windows Phone gains the total of 8.4%, 1.6% different from last year in the same time period (3 months to April of last year and this year). These numbers as Kantar refers to as “increased handset fragmentation across the European Smartphone market,” which is a good sign because the fact that Microsoft is the one fragmenting the market.


In the US, however, Windows Phone continues to struggle as their market share has dropped to 4.7% from 5.6%. This caused by the fact that Android dominated the early year release with the big boy Galaxy S5  and then HTC one (M8). Also, beside the Lumia Icon, there was no significant Windows Phone released this year. Also, we did not count what will happen when Windows Phone 8.1 handset come. Other OS like Android see an 7.3% increase, while iOS has a 6.8% dropped this year compare to last year. 

In Asia, cheap Android devices are increasing, especially in China with a 7.9 % increase in sales, and 80% sales overall. 

It’s hard to predict what will happen in the future, but with the potential of Windows Phone 8.1 and new 8.1 handset, there is a possibility that by this year, at least in Europe, Windows Phone will gain more than 10% sale overall. 


Source: Kantar

Via: WPCentral



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