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Motorola is closing US assembly lines that makes the MotoX


Aside from the fact that the it can always listen to you, the thing that got me excited about the Moto X is that it actually made in the US of A, contrary to what usually happen, which is OEMs will make the phone some place else and ship them to the US to put on the shelf. At first, the US assembly line made everyone’s concern about how that affect the price of the phone because of the high labor cost in America, but that soon changed because right now, on the market, the Moto X is the best phone with the most affordable price on the market. Well, that whole MADE IN USA thing is coming to an end.

Because what I like is not what the normal consumer likes, the cost to keep the factory and assembly lines that are now located in Dallas, Texas, is too much, and sales are not improving despite all the praise from the press. In addition to that, as mentioned before, the cost of labor in America is quite high, and it seems like Motorola is not able to keep up with that.


The manufacturing job of the Moto X and other forward will be presumed in other factories around the world, including the ones in Brazil and China. Reportedly, the Lenovo acquisition of Motorola has nothing to do with the closing of the US factory.


Source: WSJ

Via: Pocketnow



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