WWDC will introduce iOS 8?

Last year, in the first day of WWDC, Apple introduced us to iOS 7 or iPhone and iPad. The following months, we have seen the update went public with loads of updates, and that brought us to 7.1.1. But recently, everyone has shifted their focus from the point update to the next version of iOS, and speculates what we can get from this next update. As the company gets ready for it even on June 2nd in the Silicon Valley (San Fransico), we got a sneak peek of what we are about to get at this event.


Today, we can be positive that Apple will launch iOS 8 at this event, suggested by the huge number 8 on the banner. Since last year, iOS 7 was announced on the first day of WWDC, it is most likely that we’ll get it on the first day of the keynote this year as well. From what we’re known so far, it will contain the Health Book, and more focus on fitness and health (which might involve the new iWatch that is might or might not be launch in the same date). We also heard about split screen support for iPad and probably the phablet iPhone, VoLTE, HD Voice, and maybe a little bit about the purchases of Beat Audio.


As a usual habit, the OS will not roll out as soon as the announcement made because they need developer to get their apps ready for the new OS. We are not so sure about what will be introduced, but I’m definitely excited about this event, but what about you? Comment bellow about what you want Apple to introduce tomorrow.


Source: 9to5mac

Via: Pocketnow



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