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The Big Red gives us a glance of the big red Droid

For months now, we have been hearing of the “Motorola Quark-Droid Turbo,” the next Droid for Verizon. After all the FCC leaks, we started to have a sense of what the phone would look like. Well, today, DroidLanding, an official twitter account for announcing new Droid, has released a render for the Droid Turbo in […]

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One M8 for Windows is ending this November

While we thrown a lot of support around the HTC One M8 for Windows, outside of Verizon, you cannot get it anywhere else. I mean, Nokia is great, but it’s time to taste something new, you know? As soon as the device was announced, T-Mobile and AT&T have expressed their¬†interest in carrying this device. While […]