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The Big Red gives us a glance of the big red Droid

droid-turbo-offcFor months now, we have been hearing of the “Motorola Quark-Droid Turbo,” the next Droid for Verizon. After all the FCC leaks, we started to have a sense of what the phone would look like. Well, today, DroidLanding, an official twitter account for announcing new Droid, has released a render for the Droid Turbo in the hot red color. Now, do not get your hope up that the phone will be released soon, as the tweet was later pulled down. But that brings up the question, did Verizon planned to bring the phone to us soon? Is it a controlled leaks to bring the hype for the launching that might happen soon?

Source: DroidLanding

Via: Pocketnow



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