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T-Mobile releases Lumia Cyan Update for its Lumias

Well, even know it has been a few months since Cyan updates is the official launch, carriers are taking their sweet time to roll it out. Props for AT&T for actually be the first one to roll it out, and now is T-Mobile’s turn to step it up. According to T-Mobile support website, Lumia Cyan update […]

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Motorola and Verizon officially announced the Droid Turbo

Well, all the annoying leaks have finally come to an end. After weeks (or months) of rumors and leaks, Verizon and Motorola had finally decided to unveil their latest flagship Droid, say hi to the Droid Turbo! Consistent with the leaks and rumors we got. The Droid Turbo is a 5.2-inch handset, features a big old […]