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Recent Sony hack brings the new Xperia Z4

As we are approaching CES, it’s might be the time for Sony to be releasing another Xperia Z to continue its 6 month cycle. Well, while we have seen someĀ alleged picture of the device, there is nothing definitive. That is, until theĀ hack happened. As you know, a few months ago, hackers attacked Sony in response […]

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Microsoft Lumia 1330 surfaced with new details

Surprise!!! Microsoft is preparing to release yet another mid-range device for you at MWC. Last year, around this time, we see the introduction of the Lumia 1520 and 1320, at the time was the only two phablet (and in many cases, still is) you can get. Well, while the sequel for the Lumia 1520 is […]