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Recent Sony hack brings the new Xperia Z4

z4-spectre-1As we are approaching CES, it’s might be the time for Sony to be releasing another Xperia Z to continue its 6 month cycle. Well, while we have seen some alleged picture of the device, there is nothing definitive. That is, until the hack happened. As you know, a few months ago, hackers attacked Sony in response to the movie “The Interview.” And while it’s very sad that none of us are getting to see the movie for awhile, at lease we get to see what is the next phone that James Bond gets to use in his next movie, Spetre. 

With this leak, the phone appears to be “The Elemental, XPERIA Z Fourth Generation.” The email comes with the leak from SPE CEO Michael Lynton says that it will be featured in the movie that is coming up this “May/November.” From the design renders, it seems like the glass sandwich design will still be remain, as well as the thickness of the glass itself, with “Resin bezel” on the side.

gnltfyrrrfvge2d9t8gpWe also have renders of a wearable that looks an awful lot like the Gear Fit/S by Samsung, with curve display and what seems to be a camera. We’re not sure what operating system the watch will even run on, as Android Wear does not support the type of resolution that the watch appears to have.


Source: Gizmodo

Via: Pocketnow



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