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New hardware leaked from Samsung

samsung-yellowJust a little more than a week, CES 2015 will officially start, and we are still don’t know what to expect from the Korean manufacturer. If it follows its own tradition, this year will be a batch of Galaxy tablet, including some low end mobile device. But maybe this year will be different? Just today, we got a leak of yellow 5.5-inch device float on the internet. While we do not know the specific date, the picture suggests that this handset is already in production.

The source of these picture hints at a possibility of this device being the Galaxy S6, and/or associate with the SM-G430 that I reported earlier.

Also, another thing worth noticing is the yellow color and the soft metal chamfered edge wraps around the device. Unlike other recent devices, this seems to be a bit bigger in every way, from the bezels, to the thickness of the device. Beside that, the pictures do not give us much to go on. Let’s see if it’s going to be appearing at CES.

Source: IT168

Via: Pocketnow



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