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Microsoft plans to close app gap exposed by sources

Satya Nadella Delivers Opening Keynote At Microsoft Build ConferenceWhile last year was one great year for the Windows Phone’s App Store, Microsoft overall has been disappointed with the app gap that exist between its App Store and the Google Play Store, as well as Apple’s App Store. With the promise that the app gap will be closing in less than 3 years, Microsoft has come up with some plans to fix this problem. Through Mary Jo Foley (ZDNet’s Windows Phone personality) and her unnamed sources, currently, there are two plans, one is underway, and the other one is under consideration.

Plan A is the already existing plan to attract more developers to build apps that are compatible to all Windows platform, meaning Windows 10. More importantly, the plan involves attracting independent developer to make quality app in the store with the guide of the current Microsoft Development Experience Team.

Plan B goes in a different direction, as Microsoft is actually considering a side-loading method for Android app to be available on Windows Phone. To be very clear, the source states that Microsoft is committed to plan A, and plan B is just a backup plan. But here is the thing, Microsoft’s App store has grown big enough that it does not need side-loading option, but not enough so that people would be willing to leave iOS or Android to join Windows. This would also hit the current WP developers the wrong way, as they already are spending a lot of time to support the store.

Source: ZDNet

Via: Windows Central



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