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HTC One M9 Plus is speculated to be a tad smaller

htc-logoFor those who don’t remember, HTC tried to make a phablet before, and let’s just say that it did not turn out great. The HTC One Max was the result of a category race without thinking, and while HTC does a lot of things right, this one was a flop. Well, as the great Oprah Winfrey once said, “Failure is another steppingstone to greatness,” HTC, after a year of absence from the phablet arena, will be coming back with another device alongside the M9.

According to the up-and-coming leaker, @Upleaks, the M9 Plus will be the company’s high-end phablet. While the specification might not be too much different, the obvious change, like the screen might get a higher resolution. If it is all correct and HTC One M9 retains the 1080p panel, the M9 Plus might see the upgrade to a 2K display. The source also mentions that the Plus will see a reduction in size from the One Max, from 6-inch to 5.5-inch.

Also, even know the name “Plus” suggests a major difference between the two, Upleak reveals that it is just as simple as a small bump in the specification. So, many details that has previously reported will still be there on this One M9 Plus. Things like a 20.7MP sensor, and UltraPixels (some variants will be featuring a 13MP camera) selfie camera will remain on the device. The rumors that the phone will bear the Snapdragon 810 is remaining in this device as well. Mentioning about the possibility of a MediaTek-variant was also appeared here.

Source: Upleaks
Via: Pocketnow



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