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New info on the Windows 10 Preview for mobile device surfaced

windows10-logo-100466239-largeAs Microsoft mentioned during its presentation in Redmond last month, Windows Phone users will have a chance to try out the latest version of Windows on mobile platform sometime in February. Now that the time has come, the question becomes when will this be available for those who are willing to test the new version of Windows. Well, while there is no official launch yet, many rumors have been thrown out to try to predict this magical day.

Many reliable sources believe that the Windows 10 for mobile is ready and will be released to the public as soon as tomorrow. Now, that is a surprise, yet believable prediction. Sadly, Gabriel Aul from Windows Insider Program states that while they are working on it, “but the rumors of the 4th are just rumors,” and it is a bit optimistic for us to think so. But here is the thing, we saw Microsoft has the Preview version at the Redmond, so it should not take that long to get it ready right? That begs us to ask another question: what is Microsoft doing?

According to Neowin, Windows 10 preview is already out there in a form of a limited test with version 8.15.12492.41. The report also reveals something interesting: when you stumble upon the ‘Update successful’ screen, ever familiar contents (build numbers, etc…) alongside a quote from the former Super Bowl champion’s quarterback Russell Wilson’s quote: “Every setback has a major comeback.” This might be the reference to Microsoft’s “setback” with the global market share which has dropped below 3% after last year. So, this release might just be the “comeback” that Microsoft needs.

Source: Gabriel Aul (Twitter), Neowin
Via: WMPoweruser, Windows Central; Pocketnow



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