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Regulatory agency filings reveal mysterious Microsoft Lumia RM-1109

Lumia-535_Back_CyanNow, as you all remember, Microsoft is expected to be appearing at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this March. However, it is a bit of a mystery as to what they will be announcing. I mean, after all, we don’t see any flagship on the horizon for Windows. So, what we are looking for at MWC? Well, possibly another low-end device, as we just uncovered a Lumia device in the pipeline.

Foto-Bateria-Lumia-RM-1109-447x580A filing from Anatel in Brazil just received a new Lumia model, that has many indications of the Lumia 1320 successor. The device bearing the model RM-1109 and feature a 2500mAh battery, with the model name BC-T5C. This is a rather a downgrade seeing as the Lumia 1330 has a 2500mAh battery. But the battery is big enough to be able to power a phablet device that sports a 720p display.

Another important detail, we found in the filing from Anatel that talking about the embargo expiring on March 13, which is after MWC. So, it is quite obvious that the device (whatever it is) will be announced at the Microsoft event, and Brazil will be one of the first market.

Source: Anatel

Via: Janela Tech



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