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Surface Pro 4 to be a powerful, fanless system

surface pro 3Believe it or not, it is almost a year since Microsoft announced its most successful tablet, the Surface Pro 3. As of right now, beside a flagship that Microsoft has promised to come out with Windows 10 for Smartphone, there is no indication for a renew of its tablet, or is there? According to the Chinese tech site 36kr, the Redmond-based tech company is already working on the next generation of the Surface Pro tablet.

According to the site, the Surface Pro 4 will be featuring Intel’s 5th generation Broadwell processor, instead of the popular Core M. To accomplished the fanless features, the tablet will be designed with tiny holes for heat radiation, similar to the Pro 3, but less prominent; the ultimate goal is to reduce, if not eliminate sound from the fan. As for the display, the source reports that most of the specification will stay the same: 12-inch display, 4:3 ratio, 2K resolution. Also, on the prototype that the site has access to, most of the port and the kickstand are almost identical.

Lastly, the site reveals that Microsoft will only release the device when it feels that the device is “right and ready.” As of right now, the rumors seem hazy and just at the ballpark, no substantial detail yet. But the source says that new information will come in the next few months.


Via: Windows Central



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