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New details on Microsoft’s next Lumia flagship

microsoft-logoWell, it’s about time. Even after the release of the preview build of Windows 10, no flagship has been seen on the horizon, until now. For the past week or two, reports started to popped op about two flagship, code named Cityman and Talkman. On the spec sheet, the phones are on the high-end, but at the time, the details are still too hazy. Worry no more, as sources from The Verge have confirmed the existence of the devices, as well as giving us some new information about these two handsets.

The sources have put the green light on the two code names, confirm the two phones are in the works, and also indicated that there is substantial evidence to support this claim. On the specification topic, the detail remains the same: QHD display (5.2-inch and 5.7-inch variants), 3GB of RAM, latest SoC (although reports still mix about whether it is a Snapdragon 810 or 808). The site also suggests that the two device will be position similarly to the latest iPhones, meaning that it is two variants of the same flagship for people to choose, with little compromise.

On a side note, the new Windows 10’s feature, Continuum that was announced at Build. This would allow your device to connected to a monitor and use the keyboard and mouse as a full desktop Windows. The component for that feature will be available on the 5.7-inch Cityman variant, but there has been no evidence to say the same thing for the 5.2-inch Talkman variant. This might be a huge mistake for Microsoft, as it only makes sense for the smaller phone to be able to get enlarged to a bigger screen.

Also, with this information, it is apparent that Continuum will not be a universal feature across Windows 10 smartphone. This indicates a specific hardware to be install (a better SoC maybe?). But don’t be alarm, because the sources did not deny the possibility of the smaller variant being able to use Continuum. They just simply did not hear or see anything to support it yet.

Source: The Verge
Via: Pocketnow



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