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Google accidentally confirms Android M for this I/O 2015

Google IOWell, unlike any other OS, Android might just be the most distance franchise of all. Even now, there are more Gingerbread devices than there are Lollypop devices active right now. For some of you, you might just get Lollipop today. But braces yourself, as Google might just have confirmed a new version of Android for this year Google I/O, coming this summer in the Silicon Valley.

In the public schedule for Google I/O events, Google accidentally added a session for “Android M.” The version of Android supposedly will be “bringing the power of Android to all kind of workplaces.” The description has since be deleted, but the Android Police was there just in time to captured a screen shot.

This comes as a surprise because as of right now, there is no definitive leak for this version of Android. But this might just be the start of something. However, don’t get your hope up, because there are still chances that we won’t be getting Android M at all, and that is the reason the session is deleted.

Source: Android Police

Via: Pocketnow



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