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“Microsoft” Lumia 735 makes a stop at FCC to join Verizon

Lumia735_featEven know it has been months since the announcement of the Lumia 735, there is no sign of the devices anywhere in the US. While there were conflicting rumors about it being available on Verizon, eight months have passed, and we still can’t get a hand on with the handset. Well, it appears that Microsoft is getting closer to put the phone on the market, as we have spotted FCC document of the device, with some new interesting details

In the files located on the FCC website, we found pictures of the phone with Verizon branding, which is not surprising seeing as we have been expecting the phone to go to the Big Red. The bigger surprise is the Microsoft branding on the Lumia 735. This is totally new because as far as we know, the phone was initially launched with the Nokia branding (as seen on the official render above) and was to be, the last Nokia Lumia to be produced by Microsoft. FCC-Lumia-735

It should be noticed that Verizon is shipping the phone with the latest version of Windows Phone, which is Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2. The update includes some new changes to the menu setting, as well as some other appearance alteration.

Source: FCC

Via: Windows Central



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