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Cortana to be coming to Android and iOS

hi__i_m_cortana__by_ljdesigner-d7d5wmjAs Windows 10 is getting closer and closer, Microsoft is prepared to reveal more surprises. With the new platform, the company hopes to streamline the experience between your phones and your computer. However, with the market dominated with Windows as computer, and iOS/Android on smartphones, the Windows 10 Mobile alone won’t cut it. To get that out of the way, Microsoft has announced that Cortana will be available cross-platform, meaning that Android and iOS users will soon get their hand on Microsoft’s own virtual assistant.

I checked, this is not a joke on anyone part. Along with the Blogspot by Microsoft, the company states clear that Cortana will not be exclusive on Windows devices. While the application will not have the tight integration with the OS as it does with Windows handsets (things like wake up by voice command will not be available), Cortana, and her notebook will be ready at your orders, with her notebook that syncs seamlessly from your computer through the cloud service.

We also see the announcement of the Phone Companion App for Windows. The purpose of it is through this app, you can sync your pictures, music, and other media contents to your computer from your device(s), which can be on ANY platform. There are also some new updates for the Xbox Music app on Android and iOS, allowing you to stream your music from OneDrive.

As for availability, the Phone Companion App will be available for Windows 10 by the next preview build. Cortana will be available for Android by the end of June, and iOS “later this year.” A beta version for the Xbox Music app will become available by “late June or July.”

Source: Microsoft



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