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New information on flagship Lumias

Satya Nadella Delivers Opening Keynote At Microsoft Build ConferenceWith Windows 10 Mobile coming this fall, it’s likely that the newest Lumia flagships from Microsoft will be coming very soon. Now, beside the vague comment about flagship in a blogpost with Qualcomm, Microsoft has not said much about their plans for the handsets. It is also worth noticing that even know that there are countless rumors, and there has been no hardware leak. With that being said, the speculation so far have been consistent, and we might be in for something awesome.

Two sources from two different sites talk about the two long rumored devices: Talkman and Cityman. The sources believe that both handsets will have high-end specification that was leaked yesterday. Design wise, it was report that the devices will have some changes toward the Lumia 830 model, indicating a removable back cover. However, the sources did not confirm about replaceable hardware like battery or Micro SD card.

It is also believed that there will be significant changes hardware wise, specifically the charging port. The phones will be having Type-C ports (the sites did not mention whether it will be replacing micro USB or will it be the additional port). Reportedly, this port is vital for the operation of Windows 10’s newest features like Microsoft Continuum. Other hardware includes iris scanner and Windows Hello security feature.

As of right now, there has been no evidence to suggest when will the phones be launched. What we know so far is that the phone will not be launch until after Windows 10 Mobile launches. So, for a timeframe prediction, it should be in late summer or the fall if not early 2016.


Via: Windows Central



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