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Motorola prepares for a Moto Maker for Moto G?

Moto-G-Moto-MakerNo matter what is your feeling toward Motorola, buying a Moto X or a Moto 360is the best buying experience than any other technology product that is on the market right now. The customization is as of right now, the best. Well, it looks like Motorola is looking to extend the Moto Maker to a lower-end product like the Moto G, as new leaks suggested.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot to go on. @evleaks release the picture entitled “moto-g-maker,” and that is it. The picture depicts color options for the accent and the back-end of the phone. It also shows two options, black and white front for the phones. If the leak is accurate, we are looking at the first few possible combination for the “moto-g-maker.”

We expect the next Moto G and Moto X to be launch later this fall, so stay tuned.

Source: Evan Blass (Twitter)



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