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Microsoft hints at a Surface Windows Mobile device

Microsoft TheaterWith Windows 10 is now available on most computers as of today, many of us are starting to look to Windows 10 Mobile release, and wonders how will it turns out. Well, Joe Belfiore, who is in charge of Windows at a whole, tells The Verge that the OS is done, and users can expect it to be good.

Telling the technology news outlet, Belfire expresses his opinion on the upcoming update of Windows:

“The phone is significantly feature complete, but we’ll continue to polish and tweak and iterate the things that still need to work.”

“We’ll put features in right up near the end. But in general, the broad feature set is set.”

Moreover, to ensure the fate of mobile device in Microsoft, Belfiore has joined the line-up of MS executives to confirms “premium Windows 10 devices.” Another interesting bit is that Terry Myerson, head of Windows and Devices, tells reporters at The Verge that Microsoft is interested in a Surface phone:

“We are going to focus on a few great devices and the most notable being that premium consumer category,” explains Myerson, adding, “The direction we will head is the premium-branded lineup.” I push him on whether that’s a similar approach to Surface, and he claims “the goal is to have one Microsoft device family that plays this role in the Windows ecosystem.”

Source: The Verge



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