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Apple announces iOS 8 to iPhone and iPad

WWDC is finally here, and Apple was urged to show us their newest version of the OS at the Worldwide Developers Conference. And let’s dive into the iOS 8.

Screenshot_7Started out with the cloud and OS X. Apple introduces iCloud Drive. Similar to One Drive and Google Drive, it syncs all your files across devices, from your Mac, to your iPhone and iPad.  It also supports all of Windows Devices. While we’re talking about the cloud, Apple’s AirDrop can now share content not only to another iPhone, but also your iPad and Mac. Users can send files and documents you’re working on from your iPhone to iPad, or even your Mac, as well as other way around. 

The connection between iOS and Mac continue with the new remote hotspot. If your iPhone is within the radius, from your Mac, you can turn the switch and act as an Internet hotspot. Also, with the theme of today was the connection between iOS and OS X, iMessageSMS  and even call can be answered on your laptop and your iPad as long as your iPhone is in the radius. 

Go into iOS 8, we got a lot of features that were rumored for the longest time. To begin, we got improvements in the Notifications, it gets an overall improvement by adding interactivity within the Notification center itself. You can reply to messages, like a post or even retweet a tweet that you were mentioned straight away (from lock screen too) without having to go to the app. 

Multitasking wise, a row of recent contact is now located above of all the recent apps tab. Safari on iPad gets an update on the looks with new ways to interact with tabs and browsers. 

Improvement in Spotlight (iPhone local search engine) now allows users search cross-medium search, shows result not only from your local storage, but from around the users. Say you want to see the movie Neighbors. Without going to google search, you can use Spotlight, and it will show you the movie if you have it in your phone, as well as the theaters that are showing it and the showtime. 

Messaging a bag of news features. The location sharing is an expected feature of Messenger app, but the new “Tap to talk” allow you to send pictures, video and voice audio message to your iMessenger

Apple use the new service include Drive and integrate with ease to deliver a tight file sharing, with the pop-up menu so that you can get to your files from the apps. 

We also get to meet the Health Kit tat was leaked for some time now. Well, as the name suggests, the Health Kit like Passbook and other service, is the hub for health and fitness data tracker or apps. Integrate with third-party apps. And store the data in the local storage with privacy protection. Diagnostics will be able to gather the data and diagnose sickness. No information on interacting with the new watch. While we’re talking about kit, the Home Kit was announced too and it is the same idea, a central hub for all of your house apps like remotely turn on your lights, open your doors, etc… 


Again, on the spirit of syncing across devices, Family Sharing was introduced today. It is a new system that allows you to share your files and media between accounts. The system also improves Apps Store purchase control, notifies the parents when their kids want to purchase apps from the Apps Store, and remotely confirm the purchase. The Photos hub also gains new feature, the Smart editing, uses to enhance pictures and you guess it, cross devices syncing after the editing. 

Apple adds new features to Siri, now you can activate via voice as long as the iPhone is plugged in. Also, with the Shazam integration allows song recognition when Siri is activated, and Maps improvement for specific countries like China. 

Other essential upgrade including widgets that will be living in the notification center. Apple also introduces Metal, a new low-overhead graphics system that takes advantage of the A7-based hardware. They are also launching a new coding language called Swift. Apple claimed that this modern language is a language “without the baggage of C.” Also, new extension allows the third party-apps to integrate with indigenous apps, including Touch ID.


Devices support iOS 8:


iOS 8 Beta for developers is available today, the full version will be available in the fall of this year.
Source: Apple





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