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Microsoft and HTC are preparing some “new things”


During the past year, Microsoft and HTC didn’t have the best relationship. On one hand, the growth of Windows Phone in sales and even in the maturity of the platform itself is too slow for a company that has almost all of their phone run Android; on the other hand, HTC did not do a very good job of making the devices run smoothly even on Windows Phone, which is famous for its reliability on any hardware.

There were even some rumors that HTC will stop making Windows Phone devices, but today, all of that rumors went into the trash can as Microsoft confirm their “great relationship with HTC” at Computex 2014. As a response to a question about manufacturing partners, he says: “I’d love to break some news if I could. But instead I’ll just say that Microsoft will continue to have a great relationship with HTC.”

In that same event, Parker, Microsoft’s VP of OEM partners also states that, “New things are coming, so get excited.” This was possibly related to the HTC W8 that has been rumored for months by @evleaks that will allegedly will be an exclusive for HTC. Just to recap, +@evleaks also states that this phone will feature the Duo camera and Boom Sound. Since the phone is launching in the third-quarter of the year, this might well be running Windows Phone 8.1 because that is when Microsoft plan to roll out its newest version of Windows Phone OS.


Source: CNET

Via: WPCentral (As well as the picture), Phone Arena


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