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Nokia and Microsoft join the foldable display race

We have got curves-display before delivering by Samsung and LG, and the LG G Flex is literally “flexible,” well, kind of. Obviously, there are some bumps on the road to make your phone foldable, well, Nokia is stepping on the job. 

At the Society for Display Information Conference, Nokia shows us their project with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory two 5.9 inch, 720p display, each of them designed to fold in unique ways. The first one simply fold once in two. The other one has the ability to fold to two, or 3 panels. By optimizing the screens for all the unique folding patterns like this, Nokia was able folds the screen while giving each very narrow radius: 2mm for the single fold, and 4mm for the double fold. They are reportedly quite durable, rated for 100,000 folds before failure.

Now, the real question is that will this display come to the market for Smartphone and specifically Windows Phone? This, reportedly is from the real Nokia, the one that is not a part of Device and Service department. But then again, Microsoft can construct a deal, or even just buy the patents for this display technology. 


Source: Nikkei Technology

Via: Pocketnow



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