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Analyst put $300 for retail price for iWatch, and a success with it in the first year.


We all know, the Apple is going to release a Smartwatch of their own, and we became more certain as more report came our way. Again, “reportedly,” October will be the month we can see the iWatch being unveils to the world. However, we don’t know it is accurate about the launch date, or will this wearable even launch this year.

Now, if Apple keeps going with their schedule, and release the iWatch in the near future (by that, I mean in the next 3-5 months), UBS, an investment firm, predicts that the company will have the potential to sell about 21 million units in the financing of 2015, and with 36 million units in the year 2016. This prediction, however, is unverified. This is just according bits and bytes of information and rumor have been reported so far. The investment firm also strongly believes that “iWatch sales to roughly track iPad unit sales – similar penetration rates would mean higher sales,” and with a prediction of $300 a pop, the “iWatch might do better because the customer base is larger than the when iPad launched and the ASP maybe less. On the other hand, iWatch is the first product to be worn, which might now appeal to all users,” explained Steven Milunovich, an investment analyst.



Via: Pocketnow


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