Xbox Music got update for June, brings transparent Live Tile

Although Windows Phone 8.1 has been praised by many, the Music hub is one of the most buggy parts of the newest update. Trouble with shuffling music and lag are some of the real trouble that this app has. Well, luckily, Microsoft is working at a very fast pace to solve some of this issue. In May, it got it first update, and now, Microsoft tempts to fix the problem that still exist after the update.

The last update brought to the table some of the UI changes, and new way to change songs beside clicking that tiny button, a new, refresh layout and some bug fix. Today’s update focus mostly on bug fixes and enhance performance. Personally, the app is noticeably faster for me, and so far, I do not experience any trouble with the song shuffling system. But stay tuned, as I will report if I noticed some major change in the UI.


Share your experience with the new update bellow!!!


Source: anshuman Via WPCentral



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