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What can Microsoft do to keep up with Nokia’s Legacy?

This is long overdue, but we all need to remember that Nokia is not death. Even though a lot of people out there claim it is, it’s not. The notion that Nokia died because the brand will no more be on Lumia devices frankly just ridiculous. With that said, Microsoft needs to put their resources to good use, although there is a lot of stuffs to do, here are some that I feel really important for Microsoft to keep up the legacy of Nokia.


Now, a lot of speculation as to if the Nokia brand will retain, no, it will not. But now is not 5 years ago, Nokia is no longer the biggest phone manufacture, and the brand itself does not appeal to the consumer very well anymore (at least in the US). The consumers, however, do know the brand Lumia, and people would often ask me something like “is that the Lumia with the 41-megapixel camera?” Even though Lumia lines did not compete well with other Android line up, it’s still the leading brand for Windows Phone, and on the market right now, Lumia always associates with the Windows Phone OS.
What is going on in the real world now? Well, Microsoft, according to Chris Webber, is still deciding what to call the next Windows Phone flagship, and it wants to choose a name that would unify all of the mobile devices. Would that be a good thing? Eh… I mean, the two obvious names are Surface and Lumia, and would it be such a good idea to combine a tablet brand with Smartphone line up? People know the Lumia and Surface, and frankly, either way they choose, it would create confusion, so why not make the two lines of product separate, Microsoft already caused itself a problem when they named almost all of their OS Windows, why make the same mistake again?


There is no denying that after more than two decades in the business, Nokia owns more patents than any other company. Some of the most important is in the camera section, and Microsoft has to keep up with that technology. Why? Well, for starter, Pure View, is one of the technology that makes the Lumia line up have some of the best camera on the market right now. Some other worth mentioning are Clear Black (for display outside visibility), OIS technology, etc… Not take advantage of more than 10,000 patents that it had paid €1.65 billion extra just for, it’s just stupid. With that said,  I do not mean use this to go around and sue another company, because that is just wrong. 

Continue to update key Lumia phones

At this point, you would  ask “What are some of the key Lumia phones?” As of right now, the 900 , 1020 and 1520 lines are some of the key phones that Microsoft needs to continue updating, with the same name or not. We’ve already seen the successor of the 920, the 930 and the Icon, but the question become will Microsoft continue to update some of these lines. What about the 1020, the differentiator for Windows Phone hardware wise, there is no other Android or is phones that have a 41-megapixel camera. Although 1520 is nothing special (except for the huge screen), it’s the only high-end phablet lines for Windows Phone, and although right now, the OS is not taking advantage of the huge screen real estate, as a phone manufacture, the categories can’t be overlooked.
What about you? What are some of the things you want Microsoft to do to keep up with Nokia’s legacy?


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