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Moto X+1 leaked again, “encased” this time and a huge camera (Update)


I got to say, there has been a lot of news about the Motorola Mot X+1 lately. We’ve seen some of the leaks from TK Tech News, and also video sample, as well as boot screen. Remember last year? There were barely any leaks. I mean, yea, there were some images wandering around the Internet, but not like this. Today, @evleaks shows us an “encased” Moto X+1 to us, and take my words, this one is an oddy.

Remember when I report about the TK Tech News’ 4K video? Well, this might just support the already existence evident. We all know about the unpopular camera of the Moto X, well, this year, Motorola is stepping up with its camera. Why? Because as we can see here, the phone has a HUGE, and I don’t mean Lumia 1020 huge, but just huge. But this, however, might not be reliable, because of some missing features that essential to a flagship, like the absence of a front facing camera, or there is no camera flash. Then again, there is  a small hole above the camera, and that can be the flash. However, this can be mistaken because after all, this is a leaked render.

More new factors that we can notice are the front facing speaker, like the Moto E, and let’s hope that it is better (because it was quite decent already). We also see the placement of the volume rockers and power button, and it seems to switched places.

Last but not least, it is running Google Play edition software..? Now, this can mean 2 things, one is that this is indeed the Moto X+1, and it will have a Google Play Edition, or it is a Moto E Google Play Edition. Of course, both theories have their own problems and errors evident, but we can’t dismiss any of these possibilities until the launch date.

Update: TK TECH NEWS, the news site that actually has a Motorola Moto X+1 (pre-production unit), and they confirmed that this will be the lower end version of the Moto X+1, the Moto G possibly from their source, if you haven’t followed TK Tech News already, head over there and follow their site right now to keep up with the latest news about the Moto X+1.

Source: @evleaks

Via: Pocketnow



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