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HTC One M8 Google play edition is officially ensured to get Android L update


For the last few weeks, we’ve seen Google Play Edition and Nexus handsets got the newest update available, the 4.4.4 updates. After the launch of Android L preview version, it was positive that the Google Play Edition devices would be the first to get their hands on this update. Well, today, we have a confirmation for the One M8 Google Play Edition Android L update from the HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon.

The biggest features, “Material Design” from Android L is quite similar to Sense 6 software, which I think will make it easier for HTC to adopt this version. Also, since the Google Play devices of the M8 do not sport Sense 6, it is a good news that we see that HTC is the first to confirm the update for their own devices.

The rumors also have been going around, and say that the HTC One M7 and 8 stocks (Sense version) will get the updates around 90 days after HTC have the code. Other Google Play editions are expected to get the updates soon after the Nexus, too.

Source: Jeff Gordon (Twitter)

Via: Pocketnow


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