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Microsoft’s first ever smartwatch is coming in October with cross-platform compatibility


As we all know, Windows Phone is one of the few platforms out there that has very limited accessories, and that has been the case for quite some time now. This year, Microsoft has a plan to change all of that. For awhile now, we heard rumors of a smart watch that Microsoft has been working on for quite some time, not just to provide Windows Phone users another screen for their smartphone, but also to join the race with Google and Apple in the wearable department. In an attempt to increase sales, this will also be able to work with different platforms.

Now, we heard that Apple might have at least 10 sensors inside their wearable, and if you thought that is overwhelming, try this for a size, Microsoft is putting at least 11 sensors into their very own smartwatch. These sensors will continuously monitor the heart rate and syncing that data into your device. Design wise, the form factor reportedly will be quite different from the ordinary smartwatch, the display will be embedded in a wristband with a design much like the Nike Fuelband or Samsung’s Gear Fit.

The source also says that the device will bear a “slick” interface, and we can expect an announcement for this in October.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

Via: Pocketnow



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