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Windows Phone Store reached 300,000 apps


On the top 10 list of why people aren’t buying Windows Phone, app selections is in the top 5 at least, and that use to be the case for awhile. But things have changed, Windows Phone OS see a growth in marketshare, and now, app selections as well. Back in December of 2013, Windows Phone has about 200,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store, and the newest number, according to Microsoft, might surprise you.

On the company’s “Microsoft by the Numbers,” the newest update reports that at least 300,000 apps are now in Windows Phone Store. With most big title apps are now available, and more to come (Snapchat, hurry please), the app store does not seem to be slowing down any time soon, with “hundreds more are added every day.” Although compare to Android and iOS, this number is nothing, to the Windows Phone platform, this is one giant step, and put Microsoft at ease to know that they are heading in the right direction.

Source: Microsoft; @JulieMorgan

Via: WP Central


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