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Moto X+1front panel vs. Moto X pictures leaked


By now, we all probably see the invite from Motorola, which hints at the launch of next generation Moto X, Moto G; as well as the introduction of the Moto 360 and some Bluetooth earphone. Now, while we know a lot about the Moto 360, the high-end flag-ship Moto X+1 is one of the two phone that we haven’t heard about very much. Well, yesterday, there were some pictures float around the net, and they were quite interesting.

What we have here is series of comparison between what supposedly the Moto X+1 against previous leaks and the original Moto X, and they have their similarities and differences. It has been rumored for awhile that the new Moto X will be featuring a larger, 5.2-inch full HD panel and front facing speakers, and the pictures now support that. We also see the similar design in the comparison pictures.

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So, are you excited for the new Moto X?

Source: Hellomotohk

Via: Pocketnow


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