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New iPhone 6 comes with reversible USB lightning cable


You know what drives me crazy? The fact that I never be able to plug the damn thing in the first try, and I know it’s not just me, especially when you are working in the dark, that is just torture. Well, it seems like Apple is looking to solve that problem for you, as there are rumors and leaks to show that the company is working on a reversible USB cable for its lightning charging cable.

Today, a Twitter user by the name of Sonny Dickson shows us the new lightning cable that will be packed with the iPhone 6, and if you noticed, there is a thin contact piece instead of on the top of the cable. This believed to be the next cable for the iPhone 6, and it’s supported by the patent we found in USPTO data, shows how the cable works. Instead of a hard contact piece, this will be a flexible contact piece that allows you to plug in either way.

So, tell me, does USB cable drives you crazy? Would you like to see this technology come to more smartphone?

Source: Sonny Dickson (Twitter)Dianxinshouji (Google Translate), USPTO

Via: Pocketnow



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