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Moto G & Moto S (Shamu) price leaked


Even know Motorola’s event is just a few days away, leaks of the phones that will come out of the event are still appreciated.  While most devices were confirmed by Motorola’s newest invitation, there are still a lot of questions about pricing and the mystery Moto S. Well, we got some answer today, as the prototype of Motorola’s two newest devices passed the India’s import database Zauba.

Before, we’ve heard numerous rumors about the Moto G, and how it will costed you around $250 to have one. Well, according to this database, the Motorola XT1068 – the model number that associated with the Moto G for a couple of months now – will cost just around $175. However, keep in mind that this price is just a converted price from the database, so the price can be slightly higher or lower depend on regions.

Now, the exciting part is that we got more information on a device codenamed Shamu, which has been rumored to be the next Nexus or the first Android Silver. We’ve seen leaks about the device and even an exclusive Verizon variant, but we’ve not heard about pricing until today, as the price of the database appeared to be around $580, not really following the trend of the Nexus line, but does prove the existence of high-end internal inside the device.

Source: Zauba 1,2

Via: Pocketnow



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