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Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 new features hinted!


As iOS 8 and Android L are getting closer to release date, Microsoft forced to update their OS with something new to catch up, as the situation has been the same for Windows Phone, and GDR2 (or Update 2) seems to be just on the horizon (October) with new features, and tipped to be out later in the fall. So, the question, what will be in the update? Well, Nokia Power User is here to tell us more about the new information that they got.

From their own source(s), beside the rumors of enable the Snapdragon 805 and 2K resolution, the OS will bring some organization to the setting menu, and will be organizing in alphabetical order and allow users to search through the option menu, similar to what you can do in the apps drawn. We also heard about a “Mobile data toggle” as a switch in the action center. From the self-explanatory name, you can guess that the switch will kill data usage, rely mainly on wifi connection.

Stay tuned with FoneTime, as I will report more as the story developed

Source:  Nokia Power User

Via: phoneArena



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