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Leaked bezels hints at a new brand for future Lumias


As soon as Microsoft buys Nokia, changes in the Services and Devices department are inevitable. After the employee-cut, it’s now time for the name. Yesterday, we heard the rumors of the brand changing to refresh the line, as well as making the products their own. Today, we got a leak of bezels for a new Lumia device, and it’s got a new name, and it is not Nokia.

As I mentioned yesterday, the Windows Phone brand is coming to an end as well as the Nokia brand. The bezels of this mystery device appear to be from Microsoft-with Microsoft branding-but the Nokia name is nowhere to be found. The leak is pretty much confirmed that the new devices will have Microsoft name, and with the Lumia tag follows. The real question now is what will be the name of this product? “Microsoft Mobile-Lumia” maybe? Or even “Microsoft Lumia”

I’m I excited about the new name? Not really, but I want to know what you’re thinking. Comment bellow!


Via: Pocketnow


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