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Leaked document hints at Verizon launching its Moto X on September 26th

verizon-110210You know, I have been craving for that Motorola Moto X for a while now, and still waiting for the variants come to my carrier. Unfortunately, as of right now, the only two variants right now are the AT&T’s and the “Pure Edition.” But what if you’re on Verizon and you’re not willing to drop $500+ on a phone? Well, good news, according to some leaked document, you Verizon users are getting your Moto X soon. On the a screen capture, we got some insight of what will be the cost of the New Moto X on Verizon. The phone will be available for $99 on a two-year contract. The device will also be available for customization “via Moto Maker”.

MOTOREDSo, tell me Motorola fan boys, how are you going to customize your Moto X?



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