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Lumia Cyan update came to those who are on WP 8.1 Preview for Developers


For those of us who is currently on the developer preview was in a little bit of a pickle for the past few weeks. Since the launch of Cyan, we’ve been stuck with stock 8.1 due to some problems that Microsoft had with releasing the updates for the preview-users. Well, it seems like Microsoft has fixed the problems and will be re-releasing the updates in the next few days. As an answer on the Microsoft Forums, Mike Mongeau-Forum Moderator-has announced that on September 22, the company has already released “another chunk of Preview for Developer devices” in today, the group also has been observing closely at the success rate of these devices. If everything goes as expected, Cyan Update will be available to “lots more!” devices in the next few days, so stay tuned for that!

Hey everyone, as an extension to Eli’s previous posts, I want to continue shedding any additional clarity on the situation that I can. We do listen, and we do care.

So, first things first: today we’re releasing the Lumia Cyan update for another chunk of Preview for Developer devices. We’ll be closely monitoring the success of this update on those phones. So, let us know if you are offered the update and if you have any issues!

If all goes well, expect broader communication for the availability of even more phones (lots more!) over the next few days. Thanks for holding tight folks — we’re almost there.

Source: Microsoft Answers

Via: WP Central



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