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The Mini that we never got surfaced


Hey, remember that day, the day that we expected to get the Surface Mini, but instead we got the Surface Pro 3? Yea, according to reports, that was the day that we suppose to get that Surface Mini, but a last minute change by Microsoft to kill it makes the existence of the product a myth. Well, not anymore, as a reporter from Neowin shares his hand-on with the tablet that will probably never be surfaced.

According to the report, consistence with rumors we had earlier in the year, it is an 8-inch display tablet, with a Qualcomm processor and 1GB of RAM. The tablet operates on Windows RT 8.1, with USB and Micro SD slot available to use. The device also sports the same pen that the Surface Pro 3 has, with the same capability. And seen it was planned to come out the day that the Pro 3 came out, the Surface mini appeared to be a smaller version of its Pro sibling.

Accessory wise, Microsoft has created a case-available in different colors-that goes with the device. The report describes the case as “a fantastic case that goes on the outside of the device that brings a couple of defining features to the mini tablet.” Supposedly, the case appearance is just like the type cover, but also has a feature to turn itself into a kickstand for the device; the cover itself is detachable. Neowin also reveals to us that the case protect the front glass, and the whole case “feels like a portfolio”-sound a lot like the case for the iPad.

One of the sad, but probably been decided after careful consideration news, is that there would be no attachable keyboard, reason being that the keyboard would be too cramped to provide a good typing experience.

On the using experience, Neowin’s Brad Sams states:

This device is the pen and paper killer. The size is fantastic, although the bezel does seem large for the size of the display, but the case creates a compact, easy to carry and highly functional tablet. The bezel size is large enough to have a full size Windows button, exactly like the Pro 3 at the bottom; at the top, there is a front facing camera with roughly the same size bezel. It does make the device look a bit odd since the bezel is so large but it does make sense if you are holding the device so your thumbs don’t cover the screen.

So, how do you feel about the Surface Mini, tell me bellow.

Source: Neowin

Via: WP Central






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