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New teasers from Oppo hints at an extremely light body (Update)


While this month has been filled with iPhone 6 news, we cannot ignore some high potential Android phone makers like Oppo, which incidentally is releasing a new handset in less than a month. And unlike the other OEMs, the company is not afraid to tell us about its newest device. Last time, we just saw a normal teaser that comes with a leaked renders. Today, we got some more information coming directly from Oppo itself, hints at an exotic body material for the device.

The teaser above is from Oppo filled with elements from the periodic table, and accompanies it is a message: “the world lightest metal element”-probably hinting at aluminum, considering that is the only element that framed with a smartphone on the teasers. However, technically speaking, Lithium is the lightest element, which is also included in the teaser. But more troubling knowledge: Lithium can’t be used to wrap around a phone on its own-and if you want to talk about metallic hydrogen, in the famous words of Stephen Schneck from Pocketnow: “that ain’t happening at STP”. Then again, theoretically, Oppo can make an aluminum-lithium alloy body, which could indeed make it the lightest element.

Now, hold your horse, because the lithium might just refer to the battery, and we might just get a normal Aluminum handset (which is still great), and still be the lightest phone. With the release of the handset in just a few weeks, we just have to wait and see what does Oppo have up its sleeves.

Oppo has confirmed today on the material, it is an aluminum-lithium alloy frame, creates a light and rigid phone.

Source: Oppo (Weibo)

Via: Pocketnow



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