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More information on the next Google Nexus/Moto S


Well, while the whole excitement about the iPhone 6 is going on, we can’t forget about some of the most important product on Android that is coming out this year by Motorola and Google, the Nexus 6. While there are a lot of rumors going around, there is nothing we know definitively, except for one thing that Motorola will be the one who make it. We have mix report, some call it the Moto S, some other called it the Nexus 6, the rest called it by its code name Shamu. Well, whatever it’s called, we got some more information delivered by TK Tech News.

The source provides us with some screenshot of a webpage that supposedly will sell the phone when it comes out. In there, we can confirm a few things. One thing, we got the display size, at 5.85-inch, close and consistent with the rumors of a 5.9-6 inch device; the display itself will be a 1080p panel and feature Active display. We also got some information on the SoC that the handset will be sporting, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, clocks at 2.89 GHz. This might be the first Android phone that will be featuring a high-end 64-bit octa-core chip.

Other information included a 13MP rear-facing camera and 3.0MP front facing. It seems like Google also has a 64GB variant this year. Android L, as well as everything preload on the new Nexus will take up around 6.46GB of your memory. The price from the screen shot worked out to be around $571.75.

Just to be clear, TK Tech News himself has not confirmed the reliability for these screen shots, however, a lot of the information we see here are consistent with what we already know about the phone. The real controversy here is that Google will actually make a phablet-a six-inch device-as the new Nexus. Is this the step to respond to the iPhone 6 Plus? Or is it providing another option along side the Nexus 5? Tell me what’s your thought on this, bellow!

Source: TK Tech News



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