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A new iPad is coming this October?


While we have covered the iPhone 6 quite extensively (except for review, sorry guys, I will do one as soon as I able to get my hand on one), we haven’t heard anything about the next iPad? The last time we talked about this even, the date rumored was the 21st of October. Now, that rumor was dismissed for many reasons, like the fact that that Apple is releasing the Apple Pay thing in 21st, and it would not make sense for Apple to release the iPad after the Apple Pay. Luckily for us, the Re / code has shed some light into the cloudy place that is Silicon Valley.

According to the source, Apple is holding another event this upcoming week, specifically in the 16th, which will be featuring the release of the next generation iPad Air and Mini, alongside with some new Mac. Also, the decent-rumored 12.9-inch iPad was indicated to be launch in 2015, but will be announced at this event (like the AppleWatch). Just to remind you guys, the iPad 2, similar to previous iPads, will most likely to include most of the specification from the new iPhone, as well as the long awaited Touch ID.

Source: Re/code

Via: Pocketnow



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