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Microsoft will be joining the wearable game very soon!!!


While almost every big companies like Samsung, Pebble, Google, and recently Apple have all joined the wearable market, one company in particular is still holding itself back in this field, and that is Microsoft. Since the spring of this year, we have heard some rumors of a wearable device that is in development by Microsoft. Maybe it is time for Microsoft to reveal the device? Apparently so, as Forbes tells us that Microsoft will be announcing the device “within the next few weeks.”

This will be a wearable fitness band of the sort, similar to the Gear Fit. This fitness band will have smartwatch feature, but will not be a smartwatch. Microsoft will make fitness activities to be an eccentric thing for the watch, with multiple features like tracking foot steps, heart rate, calories, etc… On the subject of battery life, this wearable might just be ahead of all the other Android Wear and Tizen smartwatch, with “more than two days of regular use”. Of course, we do not have a sense of what the source’s sense of “regular use“. This will also be better that Apple’s upcoming AppleWatch. This was accomplished because of “sensor integration that boost the device’s power train efficiency.”

This smartwatch will most likely also be compatible across all platforms, according to Forbes, since we all see Microsoft’s software product is starting to be compatible with all other competition’s platform.

How do you feel about this new fitness wearable by Microsoft?

Source: Forbes

Via: The Verge




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