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New information for the next generation of HTC One series

SONY DSCWhile we are all complaining about the slow news period of technology, we should be excited at the same time. The year is almost coming to an end, meaning it’s getting closer to the long awaited events like CES and MWC. Also, the spring is when numerous big companies like Microsoft, Samsung, HTC, Sony-just to name a few-make big announcement of the year, usually involving new hardware. Last spring, HTC revealed its One M8, and it was considered to be the best smartphones of the year, but can the best get better this spring? Well, maybe Upleaks got a clue.

The source provides us a device code named Hima, and the spec-sheet will blow you out of the water. On top, we got the usual 5.5-inch 1080p display (which depend on who you are, this can both be good news or bad news). Underneath is the Snapdragon 810 SoC supported by 3GB of RAM. The noteworthy thing here is that HTC might just re-examine their camera tactic, because supposedly this handset will have a 20.7MP sensor, with a 13MP camera up front for an ultimate selfie experiment. The device will be powered by a small 2840 mAh battery, and operates on Android Lollipop.

HTC_One_M8_Windows_Phone_Verizon-578-80The source also hints at the possibility of a variant for Windows comes out of this device. As you may remember, just a few months ago, HTC releases the One M8 for Windows variant, and the source believes that the company will do the same thing for the Hima (M9) this year, except release both of them at the same times [or at a short while after-all depend on when Windows (Phone) 10 will be announced].

While none of this information here today is verified (if there is a way to), it’s worth to mention that Upleaks is a new player in the leaking business, and while this information seems to be inline with what we expected to be the trend for 2015 mobile technology, it is not certain. As of right now, we just have to wait and time will tell if it is true or not.

*Pictures showed in the post is not the rumored Hima

Source: Upleak 1;2

Via: Pocketnow 1;2



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