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New Sony Xperia E4 leaked with the possibility of a MWC announcement

Sony-Xperia-E4Even know that Sony will be appearing at Mobile World Congress this year, there are still doubts about the present of its next flagship. However, whether not the Xperia Z4 is going to be there, it seems like Sony will have a new smartphone for us, specifically in the mid-range territory. Back in December, we saw a leak of an entry-level device of which the source claims to be the Xperia E4. Because of the skepticism around the leak, this site decided not to report about the device. But it appears that I was wrong, as the device showed up in the leak stream again, this time in the render of a case maker.

Now, from the picture, we figured out a few things: The thin bezels are still there, just like its predecessor, the E3, as well as the form factor-small and compact.

From previous reports, we can expect the device to feature a 5-inch qHD display, a quad-core SoC clocks at 1.3GHz, 8GB of internal storage (expandable), 1GB of RAM, 5MP rear-facing camera and 2MP front-facing camera. Now, since the last generation has one of the best battery life (2 days of moderate usage), you can expect the E4 to offer the same performance. The source claims that the E4 will be coming with Android Kitkat, but an update to Lollipop is in the pipeline.

We should see the device be announced at MWC, and a rollout in the same month in Europe and Asia.

Source: Digi-Wo

Via: Xperia Blog



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