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Microsoft confirms rollback capability for the Windows 10 Preview

Preview_for_Developers_WP81One of the reasons many have reused to enroll in the Windows Developer Preview is the issue of recovery. “No backsie” as Microsoft put it (but I’m paraphrasing, of course). So, to increase the amount of response and request for Windows 10, Microsoft has decided to incorporate a “recovery tool” for the next version of Windows Preview.

This came out of Microsoft’s head of the Windows Insiders program, Gabriel Aul. In a tweet responding to a fellow tester, he confirms that all preview-supported device will be able to recover if they are not happy with the software’s performance. This would give users more reasons to enroll in the insider program, and help Microsoft gain more feedbacks.

So, are you enrolling in the preview program now that there is a recovery tool?

Source: Gabriel Aul

Via: Windows Central


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