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Samsung teases it’s “Next Galaxy”

next-galaxy-samsungAs we are getting closer to MWC, more leaks emerged from the ground. However, it is also the time for companies to tease its next event, raise the expectation of attendees. Well, Samsung is one of the first to do it today, with its teaser to confirm “The Next Galaxy” to make an appearance at MWC 2015.

Now, the teaser is a video which did not show a whole much, except to emphasize on the camera with the buzz phrase like “great vision” and “a unique view,” as well as the outline of the camera. And even know we did not see a lot, the camera outline is matched with rumors from and leaks from previous weeks. The emphasis on the camera is also a confirmation on the amount of work being put into the making of the optics, so there is a high expectation for Samsung’s new shooter.

So, how do you think “The Next Galaxy” will turn out? See the video for yourself and make the final judgment on March 1st of this year!


Source: Samsung (Twitter)
Via: Pocketnow



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