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TL;DR: “Apps don’t matter” until it does

9359b-windows-8-app-storeI have been a supporter for underdog platforms for quite a while now. However, all of them: Windows, BlackBerry, Jolla, Fire all have the same problems-apps availability. Now, I know what I am about to walk into, there will be people saying things like “Apps don’t matter” or “at most I use 10 apps.” Well, new flash guys, everyone has more than 10 apps, and as the title suggests, this article is about how app availability is more important than you think.

“Apps don’t matter, I use like 10 apps on my phone”

appFor the love of god, whoever say that are either lying to themselves or using a feature phone without realizing that smartphone exist. Let’s think, if you will, that you are out to for coffee. Now, you upon this place where they serve one of the best nonfat latte in town, however, that is it. You can’t get a normal black coffee, or a cappuccino, or even a cup of tea, that is all you have, non-fat latte. Now, if you’re anything like me, you will stick around for a couple months, and then you will find yourself looking up for other places that have a cup of espresso.

Okay, with me so far? Now, apply that to smartphones. Nonfat latte might be your favorite drink, but the option to drink other things are always welcome. Same thing with app store, maybe you only need Daily Motion to play your video, but one day, you realized that there is this thing called YouTube. And after you enjoyed 5 hours of cat video, want to carry that on your not-android-or-iPhone-smartphone is a bit hard don’t you think? The cycle repeats itself with other categories, games, productivity, finance, communication, all of those nice thing that you are missing out when your friends with Android and iPhone aren’t. And that brings us to our next point.

What available here is good enough for me

Screenshot_4Don’t worry, I was in the same boat. After switching to Windows Phone as my daily driver, I had been telling myself that for a year and a half. And then I gave Android another run. And you know what, my feeling about the platform is the same, except when it comes to applications. For a kid from a small app town, the big app city is like a dream came true. By the second weeks, I had more than 50 apps, and trying out around 20 new apps every month. And that is when I came to a realization, “App indeed don’t matter, ‘until it does’.”

Now I’m back on my Lumia, and I’ll say it again, Windows Phone OS always makes you feel glad that you are coming back. And I’m happy, except for the fact that I can’t Snapchat with my friend at all! And that is the thing, there is no doubt that in times of needs, developers for the underdogs platforms can always turn things around, but there only so much they can do. The rest still lays on companies like BlackBerry or Microsoft to attract big name developing companies to their own platform.

So what do you think, should we just settle for what we have if we are committing to an underdog platform, or should we be demanding companies to make an effort on improving their app situation. Comment below!!! 



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