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Carriers releases renders of the Galaxy S6

gs6-edge-att - CopyJust wander in a week, Mobile World Congress will officially be starting, and we’ll soon be seeing the most anticipate Android Smartphone franchise in the world, the Samsung Galaxy S6. While the event is scheduled for March 1st, it seems like the carriers from US is getting ahead of themselves, as they just released some renders of the newest Galaxy S6, revealing some interesting information.

We have been expecting the Samsung newest device to feature a flat screen and a curved-edge version. However, it seems like the phone is a combination of both. Now, if you remember, the Edge has a full curve on the side, while the Galaxy S6 appears to have minimal curve. That is most likely an attempt to create a boundary-less/minimal-bezel display. There are a few things we can take out from these two pictures: If there are two versions of the Galaxy S6, the one with the curve display will also include the name S6. Second, if this is only one device, it will bear a curve display, which can be good for screen endurance.

For now, we have to wait until next week to see how it turns out.

Source: T-Mobile, AT&T

Via: Pocketnow



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